Stan B. Walters "The Lie Guy®"

Stan B. Walters
“The Lie Guy®”

Stan B. Walters

Certified Speaking Professional

Next Generation Interviewing & Interrogation Techniques & Training Experiences for Investigators. Benefiting federal law enforcement, counter-terrorism, military, law enforcement academies, corporations and professional associations.

  • Call if you’re my perfect client-

• Have had little or no interviewing training,
• Had training that’s seriously flawed / produces poor results,
• Have a desire to advance your interviewing skills to a superior level,
• Are exposed to legal liability due to improper techniques.

As my client, you’ll benefit from 40+ yrs experience as an interrogator, a video library of 1300+ inmate interviews, and expert-level knowledge of human behavior, speech and body language.

  • Proven Results –

• Government, Intelligence & Military analysts, counter-terrorism specialists and Special Forces trust me to prepare them for the task of getting accurate information that will save lives.

• Local law enforcement agencies use my principles to assist crime victims and reduce false confessions.

• Private corporations use me to educate their employees on proper interviewing techniques because bottom line – there is a cost to not knowing the truth.

Your investigators will learn to be proficient at conducting professional and ethical interviews, use methods that insure justice for victims, protect the offenders’ rights and delivers critical intelligence information that can save hundreds of lives.

  • Media Guest –

Known as “The Lie Guy®”, my work has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC, France Channel One, and Australia Today. I have been profiled twice on National Geographic and was host / technical adviser on National Geographic “The Science of Interrogation.”

  • Certified Speaking Professional –
Certified Speaking Professional - Logo

Certified Speaking Professional

Your personnel will learn from a trainer designated Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association. With 50,000+ hours as an instructor, my style & effective presentation skills from breakouts to 5 day courses, will inspire your new interviewers, revitalize the veterans, and raise the dedication of anyone who searches for the truth.

  • Researcher / Author

Stan is the author of Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation: 2nd Edition which has worldwide sales. He is also the author and co-author of numerous training materials, audio tapes and pocket guides on Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation®. His book The Truth About Lying: How To Spot A Lie and Protect Yourself From Deception is now being translated into 7 foreign languages and is now in it’s 7th printing. He has served as Subject Matter Expert on Interview & Interrogation to Johns Hopkins University. He has also participated as one of two primary researchers in deception research that was conducted at John Jay College. Results of this study were presented at two American Psychological Association Conventions and has been published in scientific journals.

  • Respected Expert / Professional

Stan has served for more than 25 years as an instructor with Public Agency Training Council which the largest law enforcement training association in the United States. Stan is also an adjunct instructor for the Department of Defense – Defense Intelligence Agency: National Center for Credibility Assessment, Eastern Kentucky University – College of Justice & Safety and the University of Missouri – Law Enforcement Training Institute. Stan has taught to various state police, local and municipal and law enforcement training academies over forty-five states as well as the US Department of Defense, National Security Agency, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Air Force S.E.R.E., US Immigration and Naturalization Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, the Texas Rangers, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, US Probation, US Attorney’s Offices and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers in Georgia, Arizona, and New Mexico.

  • International Presence

Stan presented his innovative training on interview and interrogation to numerous other educational, professional, and criminal justice training organizations in the US, Canada, U. A. E., Germany, Virgin Islands, Singapore, Australia, Virgin Islands, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, and the Netherlands. The text Principles of Kinesic Interview & Interrogation, 2nd ed. is used internationally. It is also in use at police academies and colleges of law enforcement. it is also used by intelligence, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism professionals world-wide.

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